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Title: Magic in a Bottle
Author: [personal profile] silenceberry
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Prompt #: 180
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2,103
Summary: Harry gets allergies with the new perfume, but he finds out his a Veela and Draco is his mate.
Warning(s): (highlight to read)*M/M kissing, mention of half nudity*.
Beta: Thanks to Supergirl for doing this at the last minute and for doing such a great job even under so much pain and for fixing my many errors. Thank You you're an angel.
Disclaimer: This piece of art or fiction is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros. Inc. No money is being made, no copyright or trademark infringement, or offence is intended. All characters depicted in sexual situations are above the age of consent.

There were things Harry love more than life and that was the smell of his mate; it was a sweet beautiful fragrance. For him it was like a rare flower in all its glory, the smell drove him insane, wanting to grab his boyfriend and devour him, with out stopping. It all started by a single bottle of perfume; sometimes he doesn’t know if he wants to curse the dam thing or just applaud the makers. For a while, it was as if he wanted to do the latter, but now, all he does is thank the heavens for finding him. When he thinks about it he always gets a smile on his face.

It all started when the new fragrance hit (as that is the only word he could think of) Hogwarts.


Harry didn’t know what the deal was with this new fragrance, any day is going to come out. All the girls around Hogwarts was in a fine teeter about it and still he didn’t get it, however, for him what was more scary was that all the girls did about the fragrance, giggle, smile, look, and wave and for some unknown reason he felt it was directed towards him.

“Hey Ron, have you notice something funny about the girls around Hogwarts?” Harry asks, still looking around him and seeing the girls pointing and whispering behind their hands.

“No, what?” answers Ron, more preoccupied with his food than what was going around.

“I do not know. Could it be that they are pointing at me, and then giggling.” Harry says He was getting the chills; he felt like he was the honey and they were the bees. Could that even be possible?

“Harry, it’s the new fragrance that is coming out in two weeks; it’s called ‘Allure’ and it say here,” Hermione shows him the ad, “that with one spray you will be able to lure the man of your dreams.”

Looking at the advertisement in the Prophet and he only had one thing on his mind and that was ‘how could women fall for this’. Firstly, the bottle looked like two serpents intertwined with each other; one was gray the other one green. How obvious he thought. An secondly the color was ugly for a perfume with the name ‘Allure’ and the advertisement didn’t help it at all, in the back ground you could see wings, and legs and ‘is that a’ oh my god, it is.

“’Mione, why aren’t they, taking this away from us?’ Harry says indicating the Prophet and the Professors at the same time.

“Because, who ever made this advertisement made it so only teens could see it and not adults.” Hermione informed him, taking the newspaper to start reading it again, and knowing Hermione she will take a while until she reads that paper from front to back.

“Oh, I see.”

Getting up and stretching he never saw the commotion that that cause around the hall, all eyes were on him. However, at the moment he was more worried about homework and Snape than a perfume that in the end it was just one big scam. Who could fall in love with someone after smelling a perfume? This in his opinion was ridiculous.

The next couple of weeks pass, like every other day, with him receiving more and more looks, smiles, and giggles. Until the day, the famous, most awaited bottle of perfume, hits Hogwarts. It feels like all the girls around Hogwarts smell like a very wet dog and it was just disgusting. However, the worst part was that now, not only did they smell bad to him it was causing him to have allergies. It was getting very out of hand in his opinion.

Whenever he passes a bunch of girls in the hallways they would spray themselves with perfume that in it’s self would make him sneeze none stop. The worst part for him was when afore mention girls started to bump into him spraying the damn perfume on him too.

“Hermione, do you by any chance know of a potion against allergies?” mumbles Harry, as he cleans his watery eyes.

“No Harry, I am sorry.” answer Hermione, “Why?”

“This perfume is causing my allergies.”

And all because of the dumb perfume, well at least while in lunch no one dares to spray the perfume so at least they left him alone for awhile. He was about to reach for a bread roll when Ginny came near him and he started sneezing uncontrollably he couldn’t believe of all the girls in this school Ginny would fall for something like this.

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Ginny ask concern evident in her voice.


“Oy, get away from him Ginny, don’t you see the perfume causes him allergies.” Ron intervenes when he saw that Harry could not answer Ginny.

“The what?”

“The dumb perfume the girls in the school are wearing and probably they sprayed you by mistake.” Ron answers her.

“Oh, see you guys later.” Ginny said, leaving in a hurry.

Once Ginny left, Harry could stop sneezing, the perfume was going to be the death of him, and then he would be call The-Boy-Who-Got-Kill-By-Perfume. He could already see the headline now, and then that would be ‘the power the dark lords knows not’

“Hey Harry, at least your not Malfoy.” Ron says nodding tours the Slytherin table.

Turning to the Slytherin table, he saw Malfoy trying to escape the clutches of Pansy, who by the way Malfoy was reacting, smelled something awful. So, it wasn’t only him that could smell that awful smell, at least he was left alone and nobody was spraying that perfume in front of him. Or not, as he saw Pansy going to spray it on herself, but the girl next to her bump into her making her spray Malfoy. He smiles thinking that this time the smell of dog was going to be an appropriate smell for Malfoy. He saw him get up and leave the hall in a hurry, and thanking who ever was up there that he had not been sprayed.

“I am going to see Pomfrey about the allergies.” Harry says, leaving them with a final goodbye.

He was desperate for a relief from the allergies the perfume cause walking out of the hall, he run into a Ravenclaw girl who made his allergies start to act up again. Stupid perfume, stupid allergies, he was so busy mentally having a discussing with himself and looking for a tissue that he didn’t look up crashing into someone. Looking up he saw none other than Malfoy.

“Watch it, Potter.” Sneer Draco.

“Watch it yourself, Malfoy.” Harry said, as Malfoy went inside the great hall again.

He was so busy glaring daggers at Malfoy when he pass that it took him a while notice the new smell.

“It smells like- sniff- sunshine- sniffs- flowery- sniffs- it smells perfect.” Harry concluded, but now he needed to find that smell, after a whole week of smelling wet dog and the castle smelling of it too, he had found a different smell. He needs to find that smell again, but who could it be.

It had been weeks, and weeks, but felt as if it has been going on for a year or maybe he had just lost count. The smell around the school had not, it was a smell that for him was a wet dog and that beautiful intoxicating smell that he had smelled before had not left him. It over powered the horrible smell that he smells day after day. The worst part was Ginny, who couldn’t stop getting near him with the stupid smell, and that he finally had found out that she had spray it into herself just before reaching him. However, what they were causing him was a headache; he was keeping it cool or as much as he could or he would just die of a horrible headache and allergies.

Walking to the last class of the day alone, thank god, he was turning a corner, when in front of him was none other than Draco with Pansy and that is when he smells ‘the smell’ as he had come to call the beautiful intoxicating smell. That is when it hit him. It was Malfoy, Malfoy was the smell, and Pansy was trying to kiss him.

Growling, ‘growling’ where did that came from, dropping his bag to the floor and he sprinted towards them and pushing Pansy away, he took hold of Draco and kissed him. Flushing, his body to Draco, deepening the kiss, and learning all the secrets his mate had to offer.

Pulling away he turn to Pansy, “Never, touch what is mine, or you will regret it.”

“Potter, what-”

He turns around and left them standing there with their mouth open and a expression of incredulity. If you ever ask him who would he blame it on, he will always say the perfume, but sometimes he wonder if it was true. It was a new perfume that went around Hogwarts; all the girls were using it. Was it really the perfume?

The only thing he could think about was go strait to the only person who always had words of wisdom, if you wanted to call it that. Albus Dumbledore, better known as Headmaster Dumbledore, was always willing to help him in anything with no question ask. He pondered the situation he was in; he was going to go to the Headmaster’s office and say what? Oh my god he was screwed.

“Enter,” calls Dumbledore, he sat behind the desk, as he always was when ever he came to talk to him.

“I have a problem.” He says looking down at the floor.

“Is it you’re scar?”

“Uh, no,” clearing his throat, “it’s actually the perfume.”

“Oh yes, Pomfrey said that you went to her for a remedy,” Dumbledore said, looking at him over his half moon glasses, “However, there is something else isn’t there?”

“Yes,” looking up, he rushes in his explanation, “IjustkissDracoinacorridor.”

“Oh, I see now.” smiles Dumbledore.

And just like that Dumbledore explains to him what he was, a Veela. Is incredible how thing can change in a minute. Everything can work or is destroy in a minute and you never know what happens until it’s too late. He had just found out that not only was he a Veela, but that Draco Malfoy, the known ferret of the school, was his mate and that explains the growl.

Now he knows why in everyone else he smells a wet dog smell; however, when it came to Draco it smells, almost, like a beautiful rare fragrance that no one in the world had ever smelled. How much worse could it get?

Malfoy doesn’t even know that he’s my mate and won’t if I have anything to say; he can control his ‘Veela’ side. How hard could it be? And he would just tell him that the kiss what just a test. Yeah, he could do this. If only Harry knew that it was easier said then done.

In the weeks that pass since the kiss he bestow upon Draco, everyone around Hogwarts learns a valuable lesson or lessons. One never get between a Veela and his mate, you would never know what could happen, if you don’t believe him ask Pansy, the poor girl had to learn her lesson the hard way as she tried to kiss his mate for the second time and ended up, for two weeks, in the hospital wing. Two, if a Veela get’s annoyed with a smell, run, run far away and don’t get near him. Three and the most important one of them all, if a Veela chooses you as their mate, he will be yours forever.

Now, the only thing he needs worry about was the new perfume coming out next week. What the worst thing that could happen? Voldemort falling in love with him, yeah right!

-End of Flashback-

Coming out of his memory, he reaches over and grabs the Prophet from the night stand, he scans the paper for anything important and for the second time he saw the big add that’s been printing for the past four months.

“I, Voldemort known also as the ‘Dark Lord’ wish to ask for Harry Potter’s hand in marriage…’

Harry throws the newspaper to the side; next time he should be more careful with what he thought.

“Harry, what is it?” Draco asks, coming into their dorm wearing a towel slung around his waist.

“The usual,” Harry answers, walking towards his mate, grabbing him and turning him around to kiss.

Who would have thought that a perfume that he hated, would make him fall in love with Draco.

Life was weird, or more like perfumes where weird.


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