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Title: Soar
Author: [personal profile] enchanted_jae
Pairing: Harry/Draco and a cast of Hogwarts characters, OCs
Prompt #: 143
Rating: R
Word Count: 3365
Summary: "Jingle bells, Voldie smells, Draco laid an egg..."
Warning(s): (highlight to read)*AU, sexual situation, minor violence, minor angst*
Beta: [personal profile] rainien
Disclaimer: This piece of art or fiction is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros. Inc. No money is being made, no copyright or trademark infringement, or offence is intended. All characters depicted in sexual situations are above the age of consent.

Harry cast another anxious glance up at the castle.

"Will you relax?" chided Hermione. "He's fine."

As Harry turned his attention to his friend, Ron chimed in. "Yeah, mate. Stop worrying about Malfoy."

"He wasn't feeling well," Harry was obliged to protest.

"But he told you not to hover over him," Hermione reminded Harry. "I think it was quite mature of Malfoy to tell you to go spend time with your friends. He could have been needy and clinging and whined for you to stay with him."

Her offhand compliment to his boyfriend didn't make Harry feel any better. He would have preferred to stay with Draco in their quarters. Due to the unusual nature of their relationship, Harry and Draco had been assigned an unoccupied set of rooms designed for a professor's use. Returning to Hogwarts for their Seventh Year, Draco had revealed his Veela heritage, and he had gravitated to Harry immediately. When it became apparent the attraction between them was mutual, a flurry of research by Hermione and questions asked by Professors McGonagall and Snape indicated that Draco's Veela nature had selected Harry as his mate.

Harry hadn't been opposed to the idea, and they had settled into their new quarters with little fuss. Regular, invigorating sex helped to cement their bond. Despite their new status as a couple, however, Harry and Draco had agreed early on to make an effort to spend time with their respective friends, which is why Draco had insisted on Harry going outside with Ron and Hermione this afternoon. It was the first nice day of Spring, with sunshine and balmy temperatures.

Harry was enjoying the fresh air, although he couldn't help but fret over his boyfriend. Draco had appeared quite wan this morning, and he had complained of stomach pains. Harry had prodded him to go to the infirmary, but Draco had insisted he only needed to sleep. "Maybe I should go check on him," Harry frowned. Ron snorted, and Harry flushed. His friends were trying to accept Draco's presence in his life, but he knew it hadn't been easy for them.

As Harry mulled it over, a silvery komodo dragon charged up to him. "Harry, I need you," it spoke in Draco's voice.

Harry surged to his feet and rushed into the castle.

Harry burst through the door of the bedroom, not caring that it slammed against the opposite wall. The sight of Draco's tear-stained face had Harry drawing his wand. "What is it? What's wrong?"

In answer, Draco nudged the bedding aside to reveal a large egg. It was the size of a grapefruit, and it was a pale ivory color.

"Where did that come from?" Harry asked. Draco mumbled a reply. Harry frowned. "I couldn't hear you."

"I said, it came from me," Draco repeated, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

Harry was dumbfounded. "You laid an egg?!" he cried.

Draco nodded miserably.


Draco's flush deepened. "Trust me, you don't want to know," he muttered.

Harry put his wand away and approached for a better look. "Let's find out what's in it," he exclaimed, reaching for the egg.


"Ouch!" yelped Harry, rubbing his stinging hand from where Draco had slapped it away.

"Don't you dare touch my egg," hissed Draco, hovering over it protectively.

"I was only joking," Harry said with a sullen pout. They glared at one another a moment longer before Harry seated himself on the edge of the bed. He took care to leave Draco between himself and the egg and gave his boyfriend's knee a comforting squeeze. "Do Veelas lay eggs?" he asked.

Draco chewed his lower lip. "I don't think so," he answered. "Not that I've heard of."

Harry sighed and ran a distracted hand through his hair. "Why don't we ask Hermione?" he suggested.

Hermione inspected the egg from all angles without touching it. Harry had warned her ahead of time that Draco was extremely defensive where the egg was concerned. "Fascinating," she murmured. "May I touch it?"

Draco's eyes narrowed.

"I'll be careful," Hermione promised. At Draco's reluctant nod, she gently picked the egg up.

"What do you reckon is inside of it?" Harry asked her.

Hermione slanted him an exasperated look. "I imagine it contains a fledgling Veela, Harry."

Draco sucked in a startled breath, and Harry gaped at Hermione before turning his incredulous gaze on his boyfriend. "We're going to have a baby?!" he squeaked.

"I believe so," Hermione replied. "I'll want to do some research, of course."

Draco refused to leave his egg unattended, thus Harry had brought him some dinner from the Great Hall. As Draco ate, Harry stroked the egg with reverent fingertips. "Our baby is going to be tiny," he stated.

Draco scowled at him. "He'll be perfect," he insisted. "Or she will be."

"Yes, of course," Harry agreed, "but how small will the baby be?"

Draco was spared having to snap at Harry again when someone knocked on their door. Harry answered the summons, and Hermione came in with an armload of books. Ron trudged in after her, burdened with yet more heavy, ancient-looking tomes.

Hermione set her books on a chair and turned to beam at Draco. "Malfoy, you are a marvel," she announced. She selected one of the books, Veela Lore and Legend, and opened it to a page she had marked. "I've been studying the history of Veelas, which is compelling, by the way, and I've learned some interesting things."

"What about the egg?" Harry prompted.

"I'm getting to that," Hermione informed him in a tart voice. She looked at Draco. "Malfoy, did you know that there was once a time when all Veelas had wings?"

"I had heard about that, but I thought it was a legend," he responded.

"Legend based in fact, as it turns out," she stated. "Veelas used to have wings, but several generations of interbreeding with humans, magical and Muggle alike, caused Veelas to lose their wings," Hermione went on, warming to her history lesson. "When Veelas had wings, they reproduced by laying eggs."

All eyes in the room swiveled to the egg nestled among the blankets on the bed.

"The loss of Veelas' wings coincided with them reproducing via live birth," Hermione continued. "On rare occasions, a wingless Veela will lay an egg, indicating said Veela has a recessive gene. Offspring produced in this manner are born, or hatched if you will, with wings." She grinned at Draco. "Malfoy, you've produced just such an uncommon egg, and your offspring will be an extremely rare, winged Veela."

Draco preened as he stroked the egg at his side.

"What about me?" Harry huffed. "I helped!"

Headmaster Dumbledore and Professors McGonagall and Snape were summoned to Harry and Draco's quarters, where they had been notified of the miracle in their midst. McGonagall was flabbergasted, while Snape's opinion could be read in his narrowed eyes and flared nostrils. Only Dumbledore appeared nonplussed. "Well done, my boy," he twinkled in delight, clapping Draco on the shoulder.

Draco smiled, and Harry cleared his throat. "Er, Harry helped," Draco offered meekly.

"Of course, of course," nodded Dumbledore.

"The question, Headmaster, is what do we do now?" Snape interjected.

"Your studies musn't suffer," said McGonagall.

Draco bristled. "I'm not leaving my egg here all alone during the day!"

"You certainly can't be carrying it around with you," McGonagall insisted. "What if you should break it?"

"I think I have a solution," Hermione spoke up.

Harry escorted his boyfriend down to breakfast the following day. Draco's egg was nestled securely in the lined pouch that Hermione had helped him craft, and he wore it against his body in a sling. Conversation halted as the two of them entered the Great Hall. Word of Draco's egg had spread quickly, and the other students were curious. Harry led Draco to the Gryffindor table, where they took a seat and began to fill their plates, ignoring the buzz around them.

Harry and Draco settled into a new routine that included caring for their egg. When they were in their quarters, the egg was placed in a blanket-padded basket, and when they ventured forth, one of them carried the egg in its sling. Draco occasionally allowed Harry to wear the pouch and carry their precious cargo with him. Most of the other students seemed genuinely excited about the pending hatching, but a few sent sneers at Draco when Harry wasn't around to defend him. As it turned out, Draco was more than capable of defending himself.

Draco shifted his books to his side, mindful of the egg in its sling across his chest. He strolled out of the Arithmancy classroom, intending to meet up with Harry in their rooms. His mate had been studying Care of Magical Creatures outside. As Draco made his way through the rapidly emptying corridors, Theodore Nott stepped in his path.

"It figures a chicken like you would lay an egg," sneered the other boy.

"How very droll, Nott," Draco drawled, wondering how quickly he could draw his wand with his arms full of books and his egg in the way. "Step aside. We wouldn't want you to miss your lunch."

"I am a mite peckish," Nott mused. "I find I'm hungry for...scrambled egg."

Draco's magic lashed out in blind fury, flinging Nott into the wall where he landed in a senseless heap.

After relating his side of the story, Draco was spared detention. Harry was not so fortunate the following day, however, when he pummeled Nott with his fists after the Slytherin boy had gotten barely twenty paces out of the infirmary.

Nott was deposited in the same bed he'd just left, and it hadn't even cooled yet.

Harry was assigned the onerous task of scrubbing cauldrons for the next several evenings, while Draco sat in their rooms at night and crooned lullabies to his egg.

"Our egg is getting bigger," Harry remarked, removing the sling from around his neck and placing the egg in the basket.

"Granger said that would happen," Draco responded. "See? The baby won't be so tiny after all."

Harry looked at his boyfriend solemnly. "Things will really change once the baby hatches, er, is born."

Draco nodded. "I know, but we've only a few more weeks left of classes, and we'll figure something out." Draco's expression grew solemn. "Are you okay with this?" he asked. "With all of it, I mean?"

Harry gathered his boyfriend in his arms. "I'm scared spitless," he admitted, "but I'm looking forward to being a parent."

"I'm scared, too," Draco confessed, burrowing closer. "I'm also excited, however."

"We'll learn together," Harry announced. He turned his head, seeking Draco's mouth with his own. Draco opened beneath the pressure of Harry's lips, eager to reaffirm their bond. They made halting progress to the bed, shedding clothing along the way. They fell on the bed and kicked away the last of their garments.

Draco sighed when skin met skin. He smiled at Harry and removed his boyfriend's glasses, setting them on the small table beside the bed. Draco took a bottle of lubricant from the drawer and handed it to Harry.

Harry used the contents to prepare Draco. When Draco was writhing on Harry's fingers and pleading for more, Harry deemed he was ready. He drew Draco's hips up and entered him from behind. Draco fisted his hands in the blankets and pushed back to meet Harry's thrusts. The bed springs squeaked in a familiar rhythm as Harry and Draco moved together.

Draco shifted his weight and reached between his legs to stroke himself as Harry drove into him over and over. "Harder, Harry," he panted. Harry tightened his hold on Draco's hips and complied, filling his Veela boyfriend with a flurry of thrusts. Draco responded with a series of short, sharp cries that culminated in one drawn-out wail of completion. Harry climaxed a moment later, pulsing inside of Draco at the height of his pleasure. He stroked Draco's damp back briefly before easing free of his boyfriend's body. They collapsed on the bed, side by side.

"Harry? What if I lay another egg before the first one hatches?"

Over the next several days, the egg hardened noticeably. Hermione declared it was close to hatching, and Draco and Harry were excused from attending classes. One afternoon, as the boys sat at their small table doing schoolwork there was a knock at the door. Harry rose to answer it, assuming Hermione and Ron or Blaise and Pansy were delivering more assignments to them. Instead, Dumbledore was standing in the corridor, along with an unfamiliar man and woman.

"Harry, may we come in?"

Harry realized he'd been staring. "Oh, yes. Sorry," he babbled, stepping back and gesturing the visitors inside. Draco stood up and placed himself between the visitors and his egg.

"Draco, Harry, this is Jarren Ashford," said Dumbledore, indicating the man on his left, "and I'm sure you remember Dominique Ouellette," he added, smiling at the young woman on his right. "She came to Hogwarts three years ago with the contingent of students from Beauxbatons."

"I remember you, Harry," Dominique greeted him in her lilting accent. "You saved our Gabrielle."

Harry blushed. "It was nothing," he demurred.

"And of course I remember you, too, Draco," Dominique remarked. "We were all quite fascinated with you."

"With me?" Draco repeated in surprise.

She nodded at him. "We knew even then you were part Veela, and you were very handsome also. There was much speculation as to which of us you might choose when you came of age. Alas, you only had eyes for the hero." Harry and Draco both flushed at Dominique's statement, and she giggled. "You make a pretty pair," she told them. "May we see your egg?"

After a moment's hesitation, Draco stood aside to expose the egg nestled in its basket.

Dominique gasped with wonder and approached cautiously. She reached to touch the egg, and Draco tensed. Harry slid and arm around his boyfriend's waist and spoke softly in his ear to soothe him. "C'est magnifique," breathed Dominique.

Jarren stepped forward, as well. "It's been 48 years since the last hatching of a winged Veela," he murmured. He grinned at Harry and Draco. "I should know," he said, shrugging off his outer robe. The action revealed a small pair of white wings protruding from his back.

Draco and Harry gaped at him and immediately began firing questions.

"How did you hatch?"
"Did it hurt?"
"Can you fly?"

Jarren laughed. "To begin with, no, I cannot fly," he admitted. "Veela wings are more for show; they aren't functional. As for hatching, I don't recall the process, but my mother tells me she helped break the shell open. You will need to do the same when your baby is ready to put in an appearance."

"They have been excused from attending classes in anticipation of the event," Dumbledore supplied.

"Very good," Jarren nodded. "It's imperative that someone be there when the egg hatches."

The visiting Veelas stayed long enough to answer any questions Draco and Harry had. Before they left, Dominique secured a promise from them that they would send word once the baby was born.

Alone once more, Harry and Draco slumped back in their respective chairs. Draco dropped his face into his hands and mumbled, "I'm not ready for this."

Harry was rudely shaken awake.

"Whazzit?" he slurred, pushing hair out of his bleary eyes.

"Ithinkoureggishatching!" Draco blurted.

Harry was instantly alert. He sat up and grabbed his wand, using it to turn on the lights in the room.

The egg was rocking side to side in its basket by the bed, and a noticeable crack appeared in its smooth surface.

"Whatdowedonow?!" yelped Harry, wand flailing in his hand.

"We need to help crack the shell," Draco replied. "Quick, where's a mallet?"

"Do we have a mallet?"

"I don't know!"

"I'll transfigure my wand into a mallet!" Harry decided.

"You can't transfigure your wand, you git," snapped Draco. "Here, use this quill."

"I can't transfigure anything using a quill!" Harry protested.

Draco grabbed his boyfriend by the shoulders. "Transfigure. The. Quill," he snarled, punctuating each word with a shake.

Harry beamed at him. "Draco, you're brilliant," he enthused. He pointed the quill at his wand and opened his mouth.

"Oh, for the love of Merlin!" Draco exclaimed, snatching both items from his befuddled boyfriend. He used Harry's wand to transfigure the quill into a mallet, then approached the rocking egg.

Harry fumbled his glasses on in time to see Draco raise the mallet. "Wait!" cried Harry. "Don't hit the top of the egg. The baby's head is there.

"Good thinking," Draco nodded. He studied the egg, considering his best angle of attack.

"Allow me," Harry said, plucking the mallet from Draco's fingers. He placed one hand on top of the egg and began to gently rap the side with the mallet.

Tap tap tap

"Do you know what you're doing?" Draco fussed.

"Of course," lied Harry, not wanting to upset his boyfriend when Draco was in his little mother hen mode.

Tap tap tap

"Why don't you send your Patronus to summon Pomfrey?" suggested Harry.

Tap tap tap

"I'll just summon Madame Pomfrey," Draco repeated as if it had been his idea. He located his wand and dispatched his ethereal komodo dragon. Draco then sidled behind Harry and hovered, plowing anxious hands through his hair.

Tap tap tap

As Harry continued to rap lightly on the egg, pieces of shell fell away. Draco gasped when a tiny foot kicked free. Harry dropped the mallet in favor of prying the shell apart with his bare hands, and Draco moved in to help.

When the infant was freed from its confining egg, Draco scooped him up in his arms. "It's a boy!" he exclaimed.

Harry reached forward to touch his son's damp, dark head. "He hasn't cried yet," he frowned.

"Do something!" pleaded Draco, stroking the baby's face.

Harry pushed Draco's hand aside and used the pad of his thumb to swipe the baby's nose and mouth clear. The infant remained limp and unresponsive in Draco's arms, and Draco moaned in distress. Harry was galvanized into action. He leaned down and placed his lips over the baby's nose and mouth and blew a puff of air into his mouth. The baby jolted and began to squall.

"Thank Merlin," Draco sighed, sagging in relief.

Harry picked up a blanket that Molly Weasley had made for them and bundled his son in it.

Harry opened the door, and Madame Pomfrey bustled in wearing a dressing gown that had been thrown on haphazardly over her night clothes. Draco was seated by the table and smiling serenely down at the baby he was holding and cooing to. Pomfrey threw her hands in the air. "I don't know why you dragged me out of my bed. It looks like you two have things well in hand."

The following evening, after a dizzying day spent learning to care for their son while receiving one curious visitor after another, Harry and Draco were finally able to relax with little Corvus. Draco was reclining back in bed while the baby dozed on his chest.

Harry reached over to gently pet Corvus' feathers. "Even his wings are tiny," he whispered.

Draco's expression grew pensive. "It seems a shame he was born with wings, yet he'll never be able to fly."

"Nonsense," Harry scoffed. "As soon as he's old enough we'll buy Corvus the best broom on the market, and our son will soar."


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